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Somebody help me here.

I am a nice person, but every ounce of niceness leaves my body I wake up to this comment on a wood-to-painted white cabinet transformation,

Unknown Critic,

“paint beautiful wood are you nuts,”

And that’s it! No punctuation, to rhyme or reason, and on top of that, posted on a page designed to promote a local cabinet painting company. WHY?

I don’t get it. I. Don’t. Get. It.

This would be one thing if it were MY kitchen, but these are my client’s kitchens. Additionally, the transformations are beautiful and typically much needed.

This happens all the time. The consistent concern is always that we are painting wood. Natural, beautiful, nothing wrong-with-it wood.

Would you know, that the first comment I ever received about this was with regard to cabinets that looked like wood but, in fact, they were not? They were painted poo poo brown and they were chipping and peeling and in desperate need of a makeover. I shut my mouth and never mentioned a word, but I had hoped it was a one-time thing.


Defenders of wood cabinets are always there, watching, lurking, positioning themselves to pounce at just the right moment…

Painted AF,

“Attention world:We are pleased to reveal Mrs. Smith's painted kitchen transformation! After years of saving, months of planning, and days of waiting, she can finally enjoy her beautiful Pure White Cabinets”.

Unknown Critic,

“painted wood are you nuts”

The only one who is nuts here is the person with the audacity to share their unsolicited opinion on a post they know nothing about. I just want to to stick my finger to their mouth and say, “shhhhhh.”

Is that acceptable?

In all fairness, I know there is a great degree of vulnerability when marketing yourself on social media. I understand. Haters gonna hate. I’m not here to change the world from having an opinion, but I would love to see a world where haters can share their opinions tactfully. You know, think about the person you may be addressing when you share your comment.

It's cool for you to have your opinion. It really is! I think natural wood is the, but I also love white. And more than “loving” any style, I appreciate that we as people are not all the same. It makes for a much more interesting world.

One of my favorite moments occurred while helping a client choose a color for her kitchen. She had been bogged down for days trying to make sure that her choice would be trendy and acceptable. She looked to her husband for his opinion and all he said was, “Honey, pick something YOU will enjoy. This is your kitchen, choose what makes YOU happy here.” Insert crying emoji am I right?

All of this to say, if you prefer wood, great! I’m happy for you. Just don’t harass someone because they want to paint their wooden cabinets.

Rather, comment any of the following and we all win:

"Wow! Both natural and painted are stunning!”

"While I love stained wood, this transformation is very eye-catching!”

"I definitely prefer natural wood, but I can’t deny that this is beautiful!”

"Ooo, pretty! I like the natural wood as well!”

"Love the outcome! Both before and after pictures are lovely!"

"Cool, thanks for sharing your kitchen transformation! Here’s a picture of my wooden cabinets, I love all the different styles!”


The last line there is the part where it’s always an option to say nothing. You know, the part where if you don’t anything nice to say….shhhhh…shut it. :)

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