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Updated: Oct 2, 2021


Am I qualified to paint my kitchen cabinets?

Am I the right person for the job?

Should I hire myself and DIY this thing?


No. No. And please god no.

But in the event you are seriously considering painting your own kitchen cabinets, may we offer you a list of questions to ask yourself before jumping in?

1). Do you have this kind of TIME for your project?

2 HOURS researching products and supplies

1 HOUR shopping for supplies

Do you even have a ladder?

1 HOUR preparing your kitchen for a project and drawing a diagram

2 HOURS un-installing doors and drawers

Do you know what a drill-bit is?

2 HOURS removing hardware and hinges

5 HOURS PROPERLY cleaning doors, drawers

3 HOURS PROPERLY sanding doors and drawers

5 HOURS priming doors, drawers

Front and back mind you.

2 HOURS sanding primer on doors, drawers

5 HOURS painting FIRST coat on doors, drawers

5 HOURS painting SECOND coat on doors, drawers

Oh, you want white?

5 HOURS painting THIRD and FOURTH coats. :)

Don’t forget the boxes, that was just the doors.

Tell your knees and back about all the fun they're about to have.

2 HOURS masking off kitchen

Oh, there are rules for this too.

20 HOURS doing all of the above to the boxes

1 HOUR caulking

1 HOUR repainting walls because...

100% you chose the wrong tape.

4 HOURS re-installing doors and drawers

1 HOUR because let’s be real...

You lost the diagram and this is now a puzzle.


2). Do you have SPACE for this project?

Like, where the crap will you store 20+ doors for that long?

Like, where will you prepare food while your kitchen is out of commission?

3). Do you have the PATIENCE for this project?

Be honest. There are MANY factors that can go wrong and if you’re not accustomed to troubleshooting painting issues, then hopefully you're at least a gifted problem solver with gobs of patience.

4). Do you have an EXTRA $500 lying around?

Because that's how much it could potentially cost you, in addition to having your cabinets re-painted, to have a professional strip and properly prep your kitchen.

5). Are you already ON THE FENCE about this project?

If so, here are a couple of last things to consider.

You will potentially spend $500 in supplies and tools before this project is fully finished. If you translate time and energy into $$$, you will spend a crap-ton more to complete this project yourself.

NOT TO MENTION, there is no guarantee that the finished product will be beautiful.

Will you achieve that durable, smooth, factory finish you see in magazines or will you become another Pinterest flop? It’s brush-stroke city baby.

But it doesn't have to be this way.


Have top of the line equipment to achieve that beautiful sprayed finish

Have researched the best products to get a durable, smooth finish

Have the best policies and procedures to make sure the job is done right

Have seen it all and are expert problem solvers

Have a trained crew and finish in half the time

Have the perfect space to store doors and drawers during your project

Have impeccable efficiency and are able to work around your schedule

Have options for specialty finishes and glazes

Have excellent customer service from start to finish

Have fair and affordable rates

Have simple methods for you to get a quote from the comfort of your home

PAINTED AF can achieve your vision for you so that you’re not FRUSTRATED AF when all is said and done.

So if you're trying to decide if you're the right person for the job, we urge you to consider this blog and DNDIY. Do Not Do It Yourself.

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